The Bespoke Bedroom Company

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The Bespoke Bedroom Company is a bedroom design and installation team that has been creating quality for over 20 years through out the heart of London, Sussex, Essex and Kent.

As a company we have a dedicated team of architects and designers that take great pride in their projects, consistently working with the customer to ensure they're always happy.

To create your dream bedroom we use CNC machinery to produce all of our bespoke furniture at our workshop, there we will give you the option to have your doors hand painted or spray painted. The Bespoke Bedroom Company has a choice of over 61 carcass board colours that will be used to complement your external hand or spray painted doors. Only every using the finest materials to ensure quality with aesthetics as well as to provide long life expectancy, with strong and finished doors and panels. With our facilities we can create beautiful detailing to add to our mirrored doors, with a variety of mirror styles available also.

With our machine capabilities, we are able to provide any style of storage that you desire from; walk in wardrobes, dresser units, bedside tables, free standing furniture and smart storage all to a bespoke standard.
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To start The Bespoke Bedroom Company experience, first you’ll have to enquire with the office of your interest, either by phone or email (contact page). Then a member of our professional design team comes to your home and accurately maps your existing bedroom; dimensions (mm), units, windows, services (gas, water, electrical outlets) and doors. Adding a wish list along with it for your new bedrooms specification, mentioning; the style of bedroom, the style of storage, colours and any other specific request.

From there we would then create a 2D plan drawing of the room to the wall dimensions including placement of doors and windows. Then the new layout of the room will begin, such as the placement of walk in wardrobes, dresser units, bedside tables, free standing furniture and smart storage or anything that you specifically would like to see. Once the 2D design has been agreed upon and finalised the drawing is passed over to be created into a 3D render. This is where you’ll have images of what your bedroom will look like allowing you to get a great idea of units, wallpapers, different textures and lighting throughout the design.

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Now you have seen the 3D design and you are happy witheverything you see; the colours, doors, handles, positioning and lighting. Then be given an extensive design and order list. With the extensive design it will contain the official dimensions for your new kitchen design which will show you where all the features, services and appliances will be going.

Once you are happy with the designs and colour of your bedroom, we then get into contact with our workshop who will be given a complete order list with every piece of furniture to each exact dimension. There they will programme the cnc machine to cut your furniture perfectly. After the doors have been cut, their next step is to either spray or hand painted the doors of your choice. Then to be protectively wrapped, ready to be delivered to your home for our professional fitting team to securely fasten all pieces exactly.